The must-do list

Tuesday, November 19, 2019 - 10:09

A fresh start in the morning can go a long way in keeping you happy throughout the day. It’s important for you to care for yourself, and there are so many little ways in which you can do that.

When you open your eyes to a new day, start by cleaning yourself. Take a shower with a gentle soothing feminine wash, and scrub away all the stress from the previous day to tackle the day afresh. Use a soap-free intimate wash to keep your intimate area clean and fresh.

Choose a panty liner that best suits your body type. You can even pick one that fits perfectly into your preferred panty style, be it regular, string or tanga. If you have a hectic day ahead, opt for the FlexiComfort panty liner, whose ultimate thin and flexible design lets you forget it’s even there.

Move your body.
Make time for a little light exercise or yoga, which will wake up your mind and body. Exercise also helps to get your blood flowing, reduces dark circles, and gives your metabolism a boost.

Taking care of yourself also means making time to protect from harmful elements. Clean, tone, and moisturise – follow these three steps to ensure your skin stays fresh and healthy for longer.

  • A healthy breakfast that includes protein and all the required vitamins will kick-start your body into gear. Make sure you drink sufficient fluids to make up for lost time during the night. Keeping your body hydrated helps keep your body and your skin healthy.
  • Get ready for the day by choosing the right outfit. Choose something that makes you comfortable, and you can enhance your look with some light make-up and fragrance.
  • Starting your day clean will help you retain that feeling all day, keeping your mind relaxed and happy as well.