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Vaginal Discharge

Find out about vaginal discharge, including what's normal, signs of a problem, what can cause unusual discharge and when to get medical advice.

What is Brown Vaginal Discharge? Although in most cases brown discharge is harmless and natural, it can be scary for some women. Most often, vaginal discharge can either be brown or light brown, which is a result of old blood mixing with discharge and...
White Discharge in Females
What is White Discharge? White discharge, also called vaginal discharge , is natural discharge of the vagina. Usually white and with a viscous texture, white discharge occurs throughout a woman's hormonal life, from a few years before menstruation...
As you step into the formative years of your life, you need to understand the changes that will occur in your body. Stepping into womanhood is a beautiful process, and as your body matures and grows, it will give you many signs to indicate that.
Female Vaginal Discharge Types
Just like any other bodily feature, vaginal discharge varies considerably from one girl to another. It also changes throughout your menstrual cycle to support the reproductive process.
Vaginal Discharge after Sex in Females
As a newlywed, you’re about to embark on one of life’s most beautiful journeys. Throughout this journey, you will discover the pleasure of physical intimacy and sexual fulfillment.
You’re already 9 months pregnant and ready to welcome your bundle of joy. Your body has so many ways to show you that you’re going to be a mom soon, and one of them is increased vaginal discharge.
Cervical Mucus and fertility in Women
Vaginal discharge is essential to your reproductive health. Not only does it clean and protect your intimate area, but it’s also an efficient fertility indicator.
Brown Discharge
Brown Discharge transforms your body in so many ways. From head to toe, the changes are amazing but also confusing. When it comes to brown vaginal discharge during pregnancy , it’s not always easy to tell the difference between what’s normal and what’s...
Your body is your friend. It has been designed to combat stressors and damaging elements. From the elements in your blood that fight infections, to vaginal discharge that keeps your reproductive system clean and healthy, your body has its own internal...
A lot of adolescent girls like you may feel insecure about bad-smelling odor, or wonder if the people around you can tell if you have your period.