Summer Care Down There

Thursday, May 2, 2024 - 10:27

The summer months means the hot sun is beating down on our body. Heat, sweat, and increased time in the swimming pool can make your vagina more vulnerable, and you may experience increased irritability.

The problem can go beyond just discomfort, if you do not care for your intimate area properly. It is important to keep it clean with an intimate wash to avoid growth of bacteria, which can lead to infections.

Use a sensitive feminine wash every day to keep your vagina fresh and clean. Don’t use any strong, fragranced products as they can do more harm. Since the vaginal area is warm and moist, it is a breeding ground for bacteria, so cleaning properly is of utmost importance.
Going through the day, the right panty liner is essential. A panty liner helps absorb the moisture from your intimate area, keeping you dry and fresh. If your day is long, carry a back-up with you and change the panty liner to refresh yourself.

Wear comfortable underwear, preferably cotton. Tight, nylon underwear causes greater perspiration, which can allow bacteria to grow.

If your job requires you to sit at a desk all day, you are at an increased risk for vaginal yeast infection. Sitting in one position can lead to increased heat and moisture in your intimate area, as airflow is reduced. This accelerates the growth of harmful bacteria. A panty liner helps keep you dry – just make sure you change it during the day.

When moving around, carry a pack of mild intimate wipes, which can be used for a quick refresher when needed.
Taking these simple precautions can help lower the risk of infection, and keep you clean, fresh and happy throughout the summer.