All About Pantyliners

Learn the basics on using panty liners (plus some fun secrets just for us girls, too)

Panty Liners
Panty liners can they make you feel itchy, irritate you or even cause blisters? This is a major concern among all women, and when it happens, we think of one thing: to stop it from happening again, of course! Worry not ladies, you can keep your panties...
Reasons to Wear Panty Liners for Your Comfort
Some debate on the effectiveness of panty liners; some wear them every day and some never at all – but panty liners are an important part of your personal hygiene and daily routine. That is why some even call them a panty shield. 8 Reasons to wear a...
Think about your morning routine. Do you shower, and use an intimate wash? It covers all the feel-good, look-good bases, right? Adding daily panty liners to the mix keeps that just-stepped-out-of-the-shower feeling going even longer.
Still think panty liners are the same as those bulky pads that are just for periods? They’re so not the same thing. In fact, they couldn’t be more different.
The role of sanitary napkins is to provide protection during periods, but what are panty liners used for? What kind of protection do they offer? Why and how should a girl use them? Here’s our full guide to daily protection perfection.
Pads vs Panty Liners
One of the commonly asked questions amongst girls hitting puberty and women usually have is the difference between the two sanitary products - Panty liners and a Sanitary pad.
Hey, it’s your body and you want to make the best decisions for it. We get that. To give you the best answers to all of your questions about vaginal discharge and panty liners, we asked the experts.
Whether you're working late, getting lucky or traveling, CAREFREE® panty liners make sure to keep you feeling fresh.
Thong Pantyliners
Attention, thong lovers! Are you giving up on everyday freshness just because you think no panty liner will work with your barely-there panties?
Everyone’s work environment is different—but 99 percent of the time, you want to show your best self, look and feel confident, and be ready to get stuff done!
When you feel those PMS symptoms (Why am I so cranky? Hide the snacks!), you know what’s coming. Chances are, you check your calendar, and make sure you’ve got the products you need for the next few days of your period. Right?
Panty liners for Light Bladder Leakage
Some panty liners are specifically designed to give you complete peace of mind—so you can go about your business without anyone knowing your business.