Everything you Need to Know About Intimate Wash

Tuesday, June 1, 2021 - 16:02

It is habitually the case to sit down together on a ladies’ night out and discuss everything, from makeup and beauty, our romantic interests and our professional goals and dreams, and really, everything. But not often is the case that we sit together to discuss feminine hygiene.

For many people, this is a taboo subject, but feminine hygiene is an essential factor in every woman’s life.

Intimate washes are used to maintain feminine hygiene – to keep the area clean to avoid bad odour and even infections. Staying clean and fresh in the morning sets us right for the rest of the day, and that’s what the best feminine washes can provide for women.

Causes for a Smelly Vagina

Acidic pH

The vagina, unlike the rest of the body, maintains an acidic pH level. This is to keep good bacteria around, and bad bacteria at bay. Following an appropriate intimate hygiene routine that is in addition to your body cleansing, helps to avoid infection and allows your vagina to stay healthy.

Bad odour

Bad odour can arise from sweating or even from wearing tight underwear or jeans. But if it’s summer-time, or if you regularly exercise, or simply walk during the day, your sweat glands are bound to act up – and cause you to smell.

We deal with this for the rest of our body using body wash, deodorants, and wearing clean clothes. As for our intimate area, a feminine wash comes to rescue – it keeps it clean and fresh, saving you from any awkward moment throughout the day.

Vaginal Douching or Washing your Vagina - How to

The vagina naturally cleanses itself. It does this by maintaining the acidic pH balance and releasing white discharge. However, that is not to say that many women don’t experience yeast infections or complications due to bad intimate hygiene.

An intimate wash specifically designed for the intimate area is the only type of wash you should use around your vagina. Never insert any creams or lotions, or soaps in your vagina, as that may disrupt the pH balance. Soaps in and around the area are also always a bad idea, and that is because these soaps and shower gels are designed for the rest of the body and not the intimate area.

Not all feminine washes are the same – some can be stronger than others, killing even the good bacteria in the vagina. This is why it’s important to use the right intimate wash –one that is specially made, and pH balanced for the intimate area.

Benefits of feminine washes

Feeling confident is just one of the benefits of using intimate washes. The freshness and cleanliness you feel soon after keeps your mind off the worry of odour and allows you to get on with your day, carefree.

There are even health benefits. They help regulate pH levels. Some even have aloe vera which can keep you moisturized, further preventing the rise of any infections. The CAREFREE® Aloe Intimate Wash is designed specifically for this with a gentle pH balanced formula to keep you fresh and clean throughout the day.

Choosing the right intimate wash

Feminine washes aren’t harmful, as they are made specifically for your intimate area.

Your safest choice should be fragrance-free, and that is to ensure that the vaginal pH level remains regulated. The CAREFREE® Sensitive Intimate Wash is developed just for the intimate area. It is mild, soap-free and respects the natural pH level, just like a good intimate wash should.

You should use Carefree intimate wash daily to get that shower fresh feeling down there all day, every day!


Note: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.