How to Be Confident and Ready for Any Occasion

Sunday, August 8, 2021 - 15:41

When do I need to wear panty liners?

  1. During your period: CAREFREE® Original panty liners are your tampon’s wingman. They help you feel confident even on heavy flow days. It is also very helpful on days when you don’t necessarily need a tampon or pad, panty liners keep you fresh from “here it comes” to “is it over yet?”.

  2. Every day! For daily freshness: CAREFREE® FlexiComfort and Normal panty liners are all about invisible confidence and freshness to suit everyday use.

  3. Tiny-panty days: Make CAREFREE® FlexiComfort your go-to thong liner. It’s so light and flexible, you’ll never feel it…not even in a g-string. For real.

  4. Out-all-nighters: Getting ready for a night out? Slip in a fresh CAREFREE® panty liner and you’ll feel ready for any adventure. They also work great for extra-long days.

  5. Leak-when-I-sneeze moments: It happens! And when it does, extra protection from a panty liner can boost your confidence and femininity —keeping whatever situation under control, in a comfortable and discreet way.

  6. Any other extra protection-requiring moments: For any extra protection moments in life, like pregnancy or postpartum, panty liners are a discreet and comfortable partner while you work on those Kegels. If your doctor recommends them, your panties and you will be kept feeling fresh, dry and fabulous.

Certain panty liners, like CAREFREE® FlexiComfort and CAREFREE® Cotton Feel have a breathable backing that helps them wick sweat away from the skin and out into the air, just like technical exercise fabrics. Some, like CAREFREE® Cotton Feel with Aloe, even contain special ingredients to guarantee you the best experience.

Starting every day with one of these panty liners gives you a better chance of feeling comfortable and confident. Change your liner whenever you need it during the day, and see how much drier and fresher you and your panties feel—even on the most blazing hot days.

Note: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.