Fresh Panties: How to Keep Your Panty Feeling Fresh Everyday

Tuesday, June 1, 2021 - 15:15

We’ve all been there. A little vaginal discharge at the end of the day, that then becomes a discoloration you can’t seem to get out of your favorite panties.

Super common – women’s things – and totally natural! But there also happen to be some pretty easy fixes. Here’s how:

Learn some laundry tricks
If you have the time, rinse panties right after wearing them. You can do this in the shower or the sink—whatever’s easiest for you—then air-dry them and toss into the hamper for a proper wash later.

If you’re on more of a dress-and-dash schedule, buy an enzymatic laundry spray or stain stick, and apply a little to the problem panty spot right before tossing them into the hamper.

Use daily panty protection
Panty liners are key players in the clean-panty game as they protect them from white and brown discharge. Choose a breathable liner like CAREFREE® FlexiComfort, which you can even wear with Tangas—and slip one on when you get dressed in the morning. Keep a package right in your panty drawer, and change it whenever you need it during the day. Your panties will never know what (didn’t) hit them.


Note: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.