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Feminine Care Secrets

Intimate Secrets from CAREFREE©

Whether you're working late, getting lucky or traveling, CAREFREE® panty liners make sure to keep you feeling fresh.
Thong Pantyliners
Attention, thong lovers! Are you giving up on everyday freshness just because you think no panty liner will work with your barely-there panties?
You’ve probably noticed that throwing your panties in the washer and dryer leads to you throwing them out sooner. Try these tips to keep your lingerie looking beautiful for longer.
Everyone’s work environment is different—but 99 percent of the time, you want to show your best self, look and feel confident, and be ready to get stuff done!
Going to the gym can make you feel great, but feeling sweaty afterwards — not so much. Find tips to feel fresh and comfortable.
All night confidence doesn't come from a cocktail, it comes from inside. Feel free to dance the night away – moisture-free.
Every woman has her special ways of boosting her confidence. And sometimes, the best ones are those we do just for ourselves. Do you do any of these?