Nothing Can Stop You Now

Tuesday, June 1, 2021 - 15:10

As women, sometimes, we are so busy taking care of others in our life, that we forget we need some loving care too. There are certain times in the month, during our period, when our hormones come into play, and we tend to feel demotivated, tired, and just irritable.

At such times, it is important to keep your focus on yourself. It may sound anomalous, but keeping yourself active actually helps combat this feeling of lethargy. Research shows that 30 minutes of regular aerobic exercise helps relieve bloating, cramps, and mood swings.

Vaginal discharge of any kind makes it difficult to stay fresh and comfortable, especially if you are exercising. A good panty liner will help keep you dry and fresh, enabling you to concentrate on the activity at hand.

Now that you are equipped with the fresh, clean feeling, tackle your mood swings by:

  • Going outside
  • Get some fresh air. Breathe in, and out, and change your scenery to see a positive change in your mood.
  • Moving your body
  • Choose what you want to do – walk, run, play with the children, etc -  but some form of moderate exercise helps speed up blood circulation. Your will feel more comfortable as those feel-good hormones surround you.
  • Trying yoga
  • Yoga focuses on breathing and relaxation techniques that can alleviate stress and tension, increase the flow of blood and oxygen around the body, and settle down the nervous system. This will help battle menstruation symptoms, and keeps you calm.

These activities may lead to an increase in vaginal discharge, but you can stay clean and fresh with the right panty liner. Carefree has a range of panty liners that suit your underwear, and your activity, to ensure you are always comfortable.


Note: This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.