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Intimate Washes – The Best Choice for You

What is Douching? Are Douches safe for Vagina?

The word ‘douche’ literally means wash or soak in French. The act of douching involves washing the vagina, usually with a concoction of liquids and water. Store-bought douches can also contain antiseptics and fragrances.

Women chose to use douches to get rid of unpleasant odours, wash away menstrual blood, avoid sexually transmitted diseases, and sometimes to prevent a pregnancy after intercourse. But doctors will confirm that douching is not effective for any of these purposes. In fact, due to the way it works - a douche is sprayed through a tube directly into the vagina - douching can actually increase the risk of infections and other health problems.

What is an intimate wash?

The need to feel fresh and clean, however, is a very real need. Douching is not the answer though, and medical professionals will always advise against it.

We need to understand that some amount of vaginal odour is perfectly normal. The acidity in the vagina helps control bad bacteria and allows good bacteria to thrive.

You do need to wash your intimate areas gently though, and an intimate wash is the perfect product for that since soaps can be harsh on delicate skin. An intimate wash has been specially formulated for this delicate area and must be separate from shower gel or soap.

Who is it for? Is it safe?

An intimate wash is the safest way to keep the vagina clean and infection-free. Women of all ages can use it and is safe to use even during periods and pregnancy.

What are the uses of an intimate wash? What does it do?

Intimate washes are used to keep the vagina and the delicate area around it clean and infection-free. The right feminine wash will gently clean the area, while keeping the good bacteria safe.

Vaginal Cleansing or Washing

Although the vagina is set to clean itself from within, external factors like sweat, contact with different fabrics, pollution etc. can cause the growth of bad bacteria. In this case, the vaginal area needs to be cleaned from the outside. An intimate feminine wash gently cleanses the vaginal area without causing dryness or irritation, and without harming the balance of good bacteria in the vagina.


Vaginal discharge is normal and can be caused by many factors. Wearing a panty liner on a daily basis can keep you dry and comfortable, but you need to wash the intimate area to get rid of any residue. A good feminine wash will wash away the impurities and leave you feeling fresh and clean.

Sex and Hygiene

Vaginal discharge during intercourse is completely normal. But the vaginal area is also exposed to contact with your partner, which can cause infections. Washing your vaginal area after intercourse is a good practice for feminine hygiene, as it keeps you clean and fresh, and prevents bad bacteria from growing.

Why use a feminine vaginal wash?

A wash that has been specially formulated for the vagina ensures that the skin is not left dry and itchy. A gentle intimate wash helps balance vaginal pH level, and supports the growth of good bacteria, which is important for a healthy vagina.

When using an intimate wash, use a small quantity during a shower or when using the toilet, and gently rinse with warm water. Wash from front to back to prevent bacteria transfer from the anus to the vagina. Dry the area with a clean, soft towel, and make sure that you keep this towel separate, only for the intimate area, to prevent cross-infection on the skin.

Side Effects of Intimate Washes

Feminine wash products are a safe choice for women to keep their intimate areas clean and fresh. Douching is a definite no-no, but can feminine washes also be harmful to the body?

A feminine wash is a combination of ingredients that not only clean the vaginal area, but also maintain the pH level of the skin. They also get rid of bad bacteria, which prevents vaginal and urinary infections.

What is important is what is contained in the feminine wash. Not all formulations are the same, with some being much stronger than others. You need to pick one that suits your skin type and is gentle on your intimate area. A harsh wash can dry the skin, like soap, and kill good bacteria along with the bad, leaving the vagina’s internal defence system compromised.

A mild formulation with moisturisers can help alleviate these concerns though, and if you experience any infection, seek immediate medical treatment.

Carefree Intimate Wash Products

Carefree, your favourite brand in intimate hygiene, offers two specific intimate washes to meet your needs. The CAREFREE® Sensitive Intimate Wash has been specially developed to gently clean and care for the intimate area, while respecting the natural pH level. This mild and soap free formulation is suitable for daily use as it keeps your skin soft and supple.

The CAREFREE® Aloe Intimate Wash contains natural Aloe Vera, known for its soothing properties. It is ideal for cleaning and caring for delicate skin, thanks to its pH balanced formulation. Daily use will leave you feeling fresh and clean.